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Overnight Support

Sleep deprivation is one of the hardest struggles for new parents.  Our Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists come in overnight to care for your little one so that you can get some much needed sleep.  Whether your feeding goal is breastfeeding or bottle feeding, we work with you to ensure your and your babies needs are met.  A typical shift involves us arriving around your bedtime.  We chat with you to see how your days went and what resources we can suggest as needed.  Parents then are off to bed while we care for your baby.  If breastfeeding, we will bring your little one to you throughout the night or collect pumped milk.  If bottle feeding, we will carefully prepare bottles and keep a thorough log of the night to share with you in the morning. Throughout the night the baby will be changed and soothed, bottles will be washed, and a load of baby laundry can be folded and put away. We strive to teach babies healthy sleep habits while ensuring all feeding cues and comfort needs are met. After a quick chat when you wake up in the morning, we head out the door!  Each family's needs differ in how many nights per week they would like to have.  Some request as little as two nights per week while others request up to 5+.  Most families utilize our services for 8-12 weeks after their baby/babies are born.

Baby sleeping on its side

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