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Daytime Support

In an age where families are scattered and friends lead busy lives, having support arranged for when you bring home your newborn can be vital.  Not only are we a calming presence for you to share your joys and worries with, but we are there to take some of the load off of you as parents.  Let us cook your meals, wash your dishes and snuggle the baby while you nap. Siblings (both human and furry) often need a little extra attention during this time too, so having another adult present can help even things out so that they still can feel included and supported as well.

Daytime support has a 4 hour minimum per day. Often families have us come at minimum 3 times per week for 2 months, but others ask us to come on more of a full time basis!

  • Newborn care in order to allow new parents to get a  nap, shower, or focus on their older children

  • Sibling care so that parents can have bonding time with their newborn

  • Light household help including unloading dishwasher, folding baby laundry and straightening the nursery

  • Meal prep for dinners and making parents nutritious snacks

  • Sibling transition tips and tricks

Three children, one holding a baby sibling

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