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Could not have been happier with my experience with my doula, Chelsea. My first birthing experience was traumatic and i was looking for a vbac and someone who could help guide me through that as well as advocate for us at the hospital. Chelsea did that and more. My experience was healing and exactly what I wanted and it would not have happened without her! Appreciated Monica’s check ins with me and would highly recommend Tiny Miracles and Chelsea to any pregnant mamas out there. I will definitely be referring friends in the future. Thank you!

Cara Stellato

We loved Monica and Michelle as our night nurses when our son was born. They are incredibly knowledgeable about newborns and sleep/feeding needs, and were lifesavers helping us all get more sleep in those early days! Our son is now an excellent sleeper and sleeps 8 hour stretches at night! If you have the opportunity to work with Monica or her team, do it, you won't be disappointed.

Lisa Lovallo Ceppos

We had a great experience with Tiny Miracles pairing us with a wonderful postpartum doula for our first baby. They were very easy to work with and efficient. I would highly recommend their services to my loved ones!

Emily Guenther

There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how much Chelsea did for us during pregnancy and the birth of my son in October 2023. My birthing experience was so unbelievably positive, fast, and empowering, with Chelsea there coaching me through and keeping me confident in the birth preferences she had helped me identify. Just as important, she made sure there were no surprises or anxieties that went unaddressed, and as a result we felt so prepared to be parents the moment we brought our son home. Even now that my baby is several months old and our time with Chelsea is technically over, she reaches out to us with advice and support, and I know that we’ll always have her as a resource to turn to at every new stage we reach. Having gone through this experience now, I would never wish to tackle another pregnancy or delivery without her.

Jessica Wharton

Throughout the last five years, Monica has been an incredible support system following the births of my last three children (I just wish we knew her after our first baby as well!). Over the years, she has afforded me ample opportunities to bond with my newborns by going on adventures and entertaining the older children, preparing meals, and helping with daily tasks such as laundry and picking up toys. Conversely, I was also able to spend much needed time with the other children while she cared for and nurtured my newborn children, so their needs could be met as well with the arrival of each new sibling. Her expertise with newborns, and children in general, has been a lifesaver and I am exceptionally grateful for her help and guidance! I highly recommend Tiny Miracles!

Taylor Simon

Going into my first pregnancy, I wanted to be sure that I surrounded myself with the right support and resources for the weeks following our babies birth.  Monica provided just the comfort and companionship that I needed.  Without skipping a beat, she was ready to care for the baby when I needed a break, share insightful (and always reassuring) knowledge on newborn care, prepare meals (delicious meals at that)  and even play with our extremely needy and energetic puppy.  Her gentle and calming nature helped ease my anxieties, and I immediately felt comfortable leaving her in charge of the house and the baby while I stepped away.  I highly recommend Tiny Miracles!

Camille Hausheer

We started working with Monica shortly after our son was born. He was inconsolably fussy and not sleeping well (so neither were we!). Monica was able to meet with us virtually and helped us to troubleshoot some potential solutions. Through her suggestions my son was diagnosed with silent reflux, which we’d never even heard of. We were able to make some changes resulting in a much happier baby and parents who can get some rest! Monica’s guidance and advice has been invaluable.

Bethany Pelletier

Hiring Michelle was hands down the best decision we made during pregnancy!

Michelle watched over our daughter 3 nights a week, starting after we got home from the hospital. She immediately put the three of us at ease, meshed well with our family and became not only a trusted voice for us as we navigated being new parents, but also a friendly face that we looked forward to seeing!

Michelle is incredibly knowledgeable about safe sleep and helped us work through how to get our daughter to sleep without a swaddle after she rolled at 3 weeks. After our time with her, our daughter can now soothe herself back to sleep with very little help from us.

I truly believe Michelle is the reason I haven’t experienced postpartum depression. She will forever be part of our family!

Additionally, Monica referred me to several specialists during pregnancy and postpartum, all of which have been fantastic.

Tiny Miracles has been a life saver and we highly recommend them if you are even considering overnight help postpartum!

Xandi Cree

Monica was a lifesaver in my postpartum recovery. I ended up having an unplanned c-section and had trouble getting in and out of bed in the first few weeks postpartum so my husband and I were grateful to have her with us during that time. She provided evening support and gave us peace of mind in answering all of the questions we had about our newborn. We initially scheduled to have her 3x/week for 4 weeks, and ended up extending our contract for a total of 8 weeks (tapered at 2x/week and eventually 1x/week) to catch up on sleep once we got into a groove with the baby. It was a treat to sleep through the night on the evenings she was with us - even with a breastfed baby.

Postpartum is an emotional journey, at least it was for me, and even with family nearby, it was a huge help to have Monica for the time that we did. She was crucial in my recovery and was a huge support for our family. She also happens to be a dog lover which is always a plus! I would highly recommend reaching out to Tiny Miracles if you are expecting and thinking about a PP doula. Monica is punctual, informative, and flexible. We trust her with our daughter and would recommend her to our closest friends and family members. Give her a call, you won’t regret it!

Amy Mencio

We hired Monica for nighttime doula care. In a word, Monica is amazing. Here's why:
- She is flexible. She worked with us when we needed to change our schedule up a bit.
- She is supportive and non-judgmental. Whether we were breastfeeding, pumping, or formula feeding, she was there for us.
- She is loved by babies. Our baby had the BIGGEST smiles when Monica was taking care of her.
- She is helpful. She was constantly asking us if there were dishes she could wash or put away, or laundry she could help fold.
- She's communicative. She kept a log of how our baby's night went, how much she ate, when she had a wet/dirty diaper, etc.
- She's dang good at her job. I'm an anxious person, so I had a hard time with the idea of leaving my newborn with a "stranger." After the first night with her, I had no fears. She was great at with our little one.

If you're considering hiring a nighttime doula, stop your search and just hire Monica. She's the one for you, I promise.

Michelle Mihalko

Monica is a fantastic post-partum doula! She’s great with babies and I felt very comfortable with her handling my newborns and being alone with them while I ran errands out of the house. She’s also very helpful in all aspects— she can cook, sew, and help with laundry! It’s great having an extra set of hands as helpful as Monica’s while you recover from delivery and then even in the weeks after you’re healed but still need the help with your babies! I only wish I discovered her services earlier.

Feyza Menagi

Monica started working with us right after my son, Julian was born. I was so worried about the transition from one child to two. From day one, Monica was the perfect person for the job. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about babies, but she is amazing with my toddler and is an overall calming presence to have around postpartum. Having someone you completely trust with your babies is crucial to postpartum recovery. She has helped me with everything from talking me through breastfeeding challenges to meal prep. She is the reason I was able to get back on my feet after a tough recovery. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their postpartum doula.

Kara Lightman

Monica is a fantastic post-partum doula! She is great with my son, very reliable, and overall is fantastic at what she does. I trust and highly recommend her!

Stephanie Parlegreco

We are really happy with tiny miracles and our experience with them. We had no experience hiring a nanny or any other kind of support and were initially hesitant to hire anyone. Monica and her team were kind enough to do zoom interviews and hear our expectations and put our mind at ease. She was also kind enough to accommodate all last minute changes which came up.

We primarily worked with Mandy and Deanna. Mandy was extremely thoughtful, kind and helpful. She helped us manage the baby and also gave us time to spend with the baby. She always thought ahead and helped us plan for the night. Her tips about baby care including feeding, sleeping, and bathing were extremly useful. She is one of a kind and we would hire her and highly reccomend her without any second thoughts.

Deanna was kind and thoughtful. She helped us during the initial week after our delivery while we were still figuring things out. Her reassurance and thoughtfulness helped us get through the initial days. We would recommend her anytime.

Pavithra MB

We had the pleasure of working with both Monica and Honna with our twin boys. We began with Monica and without her overnight help in the very early days I don’t know how we would have survived. Being able to get a solid night sleep was priceless. We ended up needing to extend our original contract (twins lol) and thankfully Honna was available to help us. They are both professional, kind and completely trustworthy with our babies. We highly recommend Tiny Miracles!!

Melissa Phalen

After talking to Monica about Tiny Miracles and what they could provide for us, we knew it was the perfect fit for us. I was not very interested in full time help, but knew that sleep was my number one priority when it came to taking care of myself during the midst of the newborn stage. We loved having help a few nights of week while we were able to get a solid nights sleep. Chelsea was with us most and we were SO happy with how comfortable we felt with her coming into our home and leaving our newborn in her care. Not only did we trust her with our baby, she was a great person overall to have around! Deanna also came for a few last weeks and helped us tremendously. She was such a kind and caring doula for our sweet girl! We would recommend Tiny Miracles to anyone needing some extra professional help!

Cara Katz

We cannot sing the praises of our Doula Chelsea loud enough! As first time parents going through a rainbow baby pregnancy, we were very nervous for the whole process. She kept us super informed every step of the way and eased so many worries. She answered every question tactfully and gave much needed postpartum suggestions that have made our lives with a newborn easier. Her attentiveness, knowledge, and bag of tricks in the hospital was a big part of what made my delivery such a positive experience. She was with us every step of my long labor, giving me support but also my husband. I’ve been so impressed with her follow up and check ins in this postpartum season. I feel seen, heard, and supported! If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, do yourself a favor and go for it! It brought a level of ease and confidence to childbirth that I’m very thankful for.

Meg Buckner

Great services ! Well worth it and would highly recommend

pat s

Monica is an amazing doula and I highly recommend her. She started with us when my baby was one month old. We hired her for overnight help while I was recovering from a surgery and it was the best decision we made. She has a gentle calming spirit and was a pleasure to have in our home. My baby melted in her arms from day one!

Lauren Lundberg

Hiring Monica was hands down the best decision we made for our postpartum journey! From the very beginning Monica was professional, thoughtful and immediately became a member of the family! Monica supported us for the first 8 weeks with our third child. It was because of Monica that I didn’t experience postpartum anxiety, my husband was able to work without feeling pulled in both directions and I was able to give all three of my children individual attention all while eating healthy, rejuvenating meals! My daughters (2 and 3) immediately took to Monica and fell in love with her! She will always hold a very special place in our family! 10/10 doesn’t come close to the credit Monica deserves! I highly recommend hiring a postpartum doula, it is the missing piece you didn’t know existed!!

Christine Blais

Monica and Alexis are godsends. We will be begging both of them to work with us again when we have our second child!

Alexis was our postpartum daytime doula three days a week. She started with us as soon as our son was born, and we ended up extending her contract an extra month because we (and our son) couldn’t bear to be without her! She treated our baby as if he was her own; she is his favorite person in the whole world. She did a wonderful job providing mental health support to both myself and my husband, all while still somehow finding time to cook us delicious meals!

Monica was our overnight newborn care specialist. She gave a great sense of security and relief to our family. She was originally scheduled to start 8 weeks after our son's birth, but we begged her to start sooner and she kindly squeezed us into her busy schedule. As a first-time parent, I really appreciated the countless times she provided me invaluable guidance and encouragement. Her network of fellow doulas, baby chiropractors, IBCLCs, babysitters, etc. have also been very helpful.

Overall, I wish I could give them both 10 stars! :-)

Allison Raven

Monica was just who my family needed when baby #3 entered the picture! She helped me stay sane while tending to a colicky baby and two toddlers. She was willing to pitch in however it was most helpful for me at the time , wether that meant taking the big kids outside, wearing the baby, or cooking dinner. Monica was great and my big kids still ask for her regularly!

Laura Smith

Monica was a great help to us as a postpartum overnight doula. She stayed with my son 4 nights a week from his first few nights home until he was 10 weeks. She was communicative during the day to discuss any questions or concerns I had, and texted me from his room as often as either of us needed overnight. She provided advice and suggestions as needed. She was reliable and always on time and flexible to accommodate scheduling changes. We felt really comfortable trusting him with her and would certainly highly recommend her to anyone looking for newborn care overnight!

Lily Mittman

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