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What Is a Doula?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Connecticut Birth Doula
Connecticut Doula

Congratulations! You’re expecting! This is a special time in your life and I’m sure you are feeling a variety

of emotions. Your life is going to change forever. You may be excited and scared at the same time. How

will you and your partner juggle all the responsibilities? How will your other children, human or animal,

react to the baby? How can you have the healthiest and least stressful experience possible? You’ve got a

million questions. Rest assured – You’ve Got This! And you don’t have to do this alone.

Whether you just found out or you’re approaching your due date, you have many decisions to make and

that may feel overwhelming. This is where a Doula can be your best friend. Doulas are trained

professionals who are here to be in your corner. We will provide physical and emotional support, as well

as helpful information to make your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period as healthy and satisfying

as possible.

Are you wondering what a doula can do for you? Let Tiny Miracles Care doulas be your guides during

this exciting time of your life. In this article you will learn the difference between a Birth Doula and a

Postpartum Doula. You will also see when the best time is to involve a doula.

Connecticut Birth Doula

What Is A Birth Doula?

For centuries, women have been assisted in pregnancy and childbirth by other women. Scientific studies

have shown that women experience a healthier and more satisfying birth experience when they receive

continuous support during their pregnancy and at childbirth. A doula can provide that support. Here are

three important things to know about birth doulas.

1. Doulas are not medical professionals. However, they do receive special training and are

certified and insured. You can have full confidence in their capabilities and


2. A doula can be with you throughout your pregnancy. They can provide physical and

emotional support as your body goes through the changes associated with pregnancy.

We will share our experience and training with you to set you up for a healthy and

satisfying birth.

3. We are present at the birth. We can be right there with you when you are at your most

vulnerable. We will be your advocate and your support.


What Does A Postpartum Doula Do?

Connecticut Postpartum Doula

As is indicated by the word “postpartum,” a postpartum doula is there for you after the baby is born.

The first several weeks after the baby arrives can be especially stressful. You are dealing with a whole

new little person. You also have all your normal responsibilities, such as caring for the other members of

the family. A postpartum doula will help you and your family have a smoother transition. Here are four

things a postpartum doula can do for you and your family.

1. We can provide tools and support to help you develop healthy sleep habits and


2. We can support breastfeeding efforts by providing lactation education and resources to

help you overcome challenges.

3. We can provide daytime help. As an extra adult in the house, we can care for your

newborn while you shower, nap, or catch up on other concerns. We can also give

siblings or pets extra attention while you bond with baby. We will also take care of

those little things that others may not notice, but you will. We can even do some meal

prepping so you and your family can have nutritious, home cooked meals.

4. We can provide overnight help. Yes, you read that right. You and your partner can get a

full night’s sleep, and we will care for your newborn. While you get some much needed

rest, we will feed, change, and soothe baby throughout the night. We will also take care

of other necessary tasks such as washing bottles, folding and putting away baby laundry,

and light tidying.

Every family is different. We will work with you to meet your specific needs. Whether you need daytime

help or nighttime help, we can be there. We will happily provide the support your family needs. We can

come for just a few days, or many days. A postpartum doula aims to create a healthy and comforting

environment so your growing family can get off to a good start.

When Should I Involve A Doula?

Ideally, you should begin involving a doula as soon as you learn you are pregnant. We have many

valuable resources to share with you to help you have a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery. If you

contact us before your second trimester we will have greater flexibility and availability to help you. But

even if you have recently given birth, it’s still not too late! You can still schedule time with a postpartum


Tiny Miracles Care is a professional team of birth and postpartum doulas who are ready to assist you.

We have years of experience and training. Our matching process will help you find a doula you really

connect with. Our goal is for you to be able to relax and enjoy your tiny miracle while knowing you have

a helping hand and trusted friend with you.

We proudly serve all counties in Connecticut, except Fairfield county. Contact us today for a


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