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Are You Considering a Newborn Photoshoot?

Updated: May 15
Photo Credit Megumi Bacher

Everybody loves baby pictures. Those tiny little noses, fingers and toes just make us smile. But, as we all know babies grow quickly, so it is special to have those fleeting moments when they are tiny captured for future enjoyment. Are you considering a newborn photoshoot? What are some things to consider before booking a session? There are different styles of photography, and not every style is right for everyone. Maybe you absolutely love the newborn pictures in baskets and buckets. But maybe you don’t. Or you know from other friends and family members how stressful it is to do that kind of photo shoot. Have you considered an in-home lifestyle photoshoot? I recently had the opportunity to talk to Lindsey Turner, owner of Lindsey Victoria Photography, about what makes her style so different.

What is the difference between traditional newborn photography

and lifestyle photography?

To capture those perfect sleeping poses, traditional newborn photography needs to be done between 7 and 14 days old. Ideally, the baby is nursed right before the photoshoot so they can be completely asleep for the whole shoot. These photo sessions are typically done in a studio, which allows the photographer to have numerous props they can use to capture that adorable portrait.
Photo Credit Lindsey Victoria Photography

Lifestyle photography, as the name suggests, is all about capturing a moment in your real, actual, everyday life. A “newborn” photoshoot can be done anytime between a few weeks to three months old. It doesn’t matter if the baby is awake or asleep, eyes open or closed. “It’s mostly about your connection and sort of marking that time of welcoming this new human into your world,” Lindsey explained. Lifestyle photography can be done in your home with a focus on capturing natural and genuine moments of your family.
Photo Credit Lindsey Victoria Photography

What is your style?

Most photographers have a distinct style. Whether in the lighting, posing, or editing, their style comes through in all their pictures. When asked about her style, Lindsey shared “My style is as natural as I can make it. I don’t want you to look back at your pictures in 10, 15, 20 years and think ‘Oh, God. That’s so dated!’” She explained that editing styles change, so for her, the art is not in the editing. “I want you to look like your best selves. I don’t want it to feel dated or specific in that way.” Before booking a photoshoot, Lindsey will talk over the phone with prospective clients. “I want to understand a little bit more about them, what their goals are and then I walk them through some of the expectations,” she said.

What Should People Wear?

“For me, wardrobe, especially with an in-home session, is about being comfortable,” Lindsey answered. During her consultation, she can help you think about what you may want to wear. For example, if you are nursing, you’ll want to choose a top or dress that will easily allow you to nurse. “The only thing I really recommend is that they’re comfortable and they sort of match each other’s level of formality. If one member of the family is super dressed up and everybody else is really relaxed, it feels incongruous,” she explained.
Photo Credit Lindsey Victoria Photography

What can families expect during a photoshoot?

Lindsey prefers to use natural lighting, so she’ll have you choose a location in your home that has the right amount of light. But, if you don’t have a lot of natural light, don’t worry. She will bring artificial lighting that can be used if needed to mimic natural light. One of the advantages of lifestyle photography versus studio photography is flexibility. In your home, the photographer can roll with whatever is happening. “This isn’t about perfection,” Lindsey says. If the baby is crying, needing to be nursed or changed, she’ll capture those moments. If older kids are not wanting to sit still- it’s not a problem! While she will attempt to get a picture of everyone looking their best, it may not look exactly the way you are expecting. She shared a recent experience- “Recently I photographed a family whose children were quite close in age. So, the first child was barely a year and half and was having a tough day. He wouldn’t sit on Mom’s lap, the minute that the child sat down, he would worm right out of Mom’s lap. So, we went with it. I asked if Mom was comfortable with having the older child be “upside-down kid” and we flipped him upside down, and he’s laughing hysterically. He’s having a blast. He’s smiling in the picture; he’s just not sitting on the lap.” Whether it’s just you and the new baby, or you have older kids, grandparents, and pets you want included, a lifestyle photographer can capture a realistic picture of your family. “We’re documenting this moment in your life, whatever that might look like. It’s just a slightly more polished version of what your daily life looks like,” Lindsey says.

Photo Credit Lindsey Victoria Photography

When should families book their session?

“Ideally, they’re booking me well before the baby arrives, because if anybody in your audience has had a child before, they know that your brain kind of turns to mush afterwards,” Lindsey answered. Choosing a photographer that meshes with your style takes time and research. “So, ideally, that’s done beforehand. I also photograph maternity sessions in home and outdoors,” she explained. If you are considering a maternity session, you can book your newborn session as well.

If your baby has already arrived, it’s not too late. “If you have a baby and you haven’t thought about it and now the baby’s here and you think ‘Oh, my gosh, I wish I thought about this,’ you can still call me,” Lindsey shared. Even up to three months old could be a “newborn” photoshoot. “It’s really just about documenting this time in your life, whatever that might look like.” If you are hesitating because you are concerned about how you look, or how your house looks, Lindsey encouraged you to reach out anyway. “You’re going to want to remember this moment. Even if you’re hesitating, it’s not as much about you. You’ve got to think forward to what your children are going to see. And all they want to see is that you love them,” she says.

Wardrobe and posing can make a huge difference in how you look. As a mom herself, Lindsey understands how you may be feeling, but she says, “in that hesitation, I would be so sad if you missed photographing this moment because you were feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.” If this is something that you are concerned about, Lindsey would be happy to talk with you about what she can do to help you get the best pictures of this moment you’ll want to remember forever.

Savor the moments!

Your little one is only a newborn for a few short weeks. All too quickly, your baby will be a toddler, then a preschooler, and before you realize it, they are graduating high school and starting their own lives. You are going to want to take in every moment you can. Scheduling a lifestyle photoshoot during those first few weeks at home is the perfect way to capture those precious memories that you’ll treasure forever.

To learn more about at home newborn photography with Lindsey Victoria Photography

visit her website here and get to know her on Instagram!

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