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Why Should You Work with A Doula?

Updated: May 15

Connecticut Doulas Tiny Miracles
Just half of our Tiny Miracles Doulas Team!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we are passionate about babies. I started Tiny Miracles in 2021 after working for many years as a nanny, babysitter and daycare teacher. I saw how valuable an extra set of hands was for growing families. Since opening our doors, we’ve expanded our team and have helped around 70 families in the area.

Have you been wondering if working with a doula would make a real difference for your family? We asked some of our clients to share their experiences. Here is what they had to say.

Why Did You Decide to Work with a Doula?

You’ve probably heard the expression “It takes a village.” For Jennifer G. that was one of her main reasons for using a doula. “A friend of mine had a doula and loved her. I was surprised that during her third pregnancy she still thought a doula was helpful. This was our second baby, and we don’t have any family in the area so decided we wanted to grow our village,” she says.

For Alexandra D. the experience of being a new mom was one she wanted to treasure. “I really wanted to take in and remember our daughter as a newborn, versus just being in a tired daze,” she explained, adding she also wanted to reduce the effects and possibility of postpartum depression.

An increasing number of companies and insurances now offer postpartum benefits, including doulas. This was the case for Nicole P. “I decided to use a doula because I had a benefit from work to utilize by the end of the year,” she shared. Nicole explained she experienced some difficult health issues and wanted to find someone she could trust to help a few nights a week.

Connecticut Postpartum Doulas
Postpartum Doulas offer growing families support both during the day and at night!

For most new parents, lack of sleep is one of the hardest things to deal with. As Nicole expressed, “I underestimated how sleep deprived I would be.” A nighttime postpartum doula can be the difference between being rested and present during the day or exhausted and out of it. Allison R. shared her confidence in our doulas. “I felt doulas would know more than I did, and Monica and Alexis sure did!” she says. Nicole also benefited from the knowledge our doulas bring. “She also helped talk through many things that were concerning us, like colic and gassiness at night,” she says. Of her doula, Alexandra says “now I can’t stop asking her questions!”

Day or night, postpartum doulas provide needed support, help, and guidance. When asked if she would use a doula again, Nicole says “Absolutely 1000%!” She used a nighttime doula, but now knowing what services a doula can provide she says “I may actually ask for additional support during the day as well. I am so thankful to Monica and her team. I … really felt like I got the help I needed.”

Would You Do Anything Different?

Some of our clients book early. Others book later, after having difficulties during their first few days or weeks at home. Overwhelmingly, when asked what they would do differently, our clients say they would have booked earlier. Jennifer says, “I would have booked earlier so I didn’t have to stress about making the decision or loosing my spot!”

Alexandra booked early, but says she wishes she had her doula, Michelle, for a longer time. She says “I didn’t really understand how much I could utilize Michelle before her starting in person. The first night was awkward, having it be the first time I met Michelle in person, and just trusting her with our daughter was tough, but the more she was there the more comfortable I was!” Alexandra recommends meeting face to face before starting overnight care, just to become comfortable more quickly.

Twin night nanny in Connecticut
Our Doulas love offering twin support!

Allison, who received both day and nighttime support, says she would absolutely use a doula again. However, for her family, she feels nighttime support immediately, and daytime help after her husband returns to work would be the most helpful.

As you can see, every family is different, but postpartum doula support can be tailored to your needs. Whether you are newly pregnant, or have already given birth, it’s not too early or too late to schedule a consultation.

Why Should You Work with Us?

I love watching as parents start to gain confidence in trusting their instincts and knowing that they are their child’s biggest advocate. All our doulas love the families we work with. Whether we’ve raised our own families, or have worked in childcare and even nursing, we want to share our experience and knowledge with you.

Honna, one of our postpartum doulas, says “One of my favorite things, besides the tiny fingers and toes and everything else that is just precious about a baby, is helping to instill confidence in the parents. It can be a time of so many emotions- elation, disappointment, exhaustion, and uncertainty, just to name a few. I love to go into a home and let the parents know that they can feel all of those ways. But they should also be allowing themselves to feel some pride because they are doing an awesome job!” Being a new parent can be overwhelming. Let us be your cheerleaders, your second set of hands, and your sounding board. Contact us today!

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